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STARTER PACK of Grooming Shampoos & Colognes for Professional Dog Groomers.

Consisting of 6 bottles of Grooming Shampoo, 1 bottle Cream Rinse After Shampoo Conditioner and 11 bottles of Cologne.

1 x 500ml bottle Baby Powder Grooming Shampoo

1 x 500ml bottle Ultimate Show Grooming Shampoo

1 x 500ml bottle Citronella & Eucalyptus Grooming Shampoo

1 x 500ml bottle Tea Tree Grooming Shampoo

1 x 500ml bottle Blue Velvet Grooming Shampoo

1 x 500ml bottle Dirty Dog Grooming Shampoo

1 500ml Bottle Super Silk After Shampoo Conditioner

1 x 30ml bottle Baby Powder Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Tropical Paradise Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Doggy & Digbana Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Jinny Chow Chow Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle ET Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Unisex Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Male Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Female Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle 1 in a Million Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle She’s 1 in a Million Designer Cologne

1 x 30ml bottle Tailien Designer Cologne


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